Seminar Smart Factory – Transforming Industry together

March 4, 2022, 15:00 – 18:00

EMSI Les orangers, Bd laymoune , Casablanca


This seminar is planned and offered as a hybrid event.


  • How do OEMs and automotive suppliers network their production plants?
  • What can SMEs, especially the mechanical engineering sector, do to make their
    manufacturing smart and efficient
  • What role do equipment suppliers play?
  • How can artificial intelligence help make production smarter?

These and other questions will be discussed at the “Smart Factory” seminar supported by Siemens.


This seminar is planned and offered as a hybrid event (online and offline).


French/English (no simultaneous translation)

Technical platform

The online participants will have access to the seminar via an appropriate link.

Other topics driving digitization and efficiency gains in the industry include: Lowering manufacturing costs, reducing start-up costs, increasing flexibility, capacity utilization and quality, and ultimately, of course, cybersecurity. 

Also highlighted are the digital platforms and communication systems needed for a smart manufacturing industry. After all, with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), it is also necessary to network logistics processes and administrative data with production machines.

This will enable central real-time monitoring and evaluation of the future smart factory. Last but not least, users will talk about their experiences and “lessons learned” from their own projects. In addition, the sub-areas that can be made smart, such as condition/process monitoring & predictive maintenance, will be highlighted and interfaces for the Smart Factory will be presented.

Target groups

The seminar is aimed at members of management, plant and operations managers, division managers, as well as responsible and senior production employees, especially from the areas of production IT, production planning, corporate strategy/development, logistics, maintenance and robotics & automation. As well as the students of the relevant study courses.

In particular, the following sectors are addressed: automotive industry, OEMs and suppliers, metalworking and processing, mechanical engineering, electronics industry, food industry, packaging, plastics.


Welcome and introduction at EMSI:

Kaoutar Najad,  – Project coordinator – Competence Center on Automation (CCoA)

HDR-Dr Mohamed TABAA – R&D Director – EMSI Casablanca

Lecture 1: New technology: a real competitive lever for the industry of the future

HDR-Dr Mohamed TABAA  R&D Director – EMSI Casablanca

Lecture 2: Becoming a SMART factory, in order to respond to the increased complexity

Bart Demaegdt – Siemens AG

30 – 45 min

Lecture 3: Hand-on-from the digital experience center in Nuremberg (DEX).

Interactive session.

Martin Polsfuss -Digital Experience Team in Nuremberg – Siemens

(45 – 60 min)

MyLiveZone – the platform for industrial training

The MyLiveZone platform enables industrial manufacturers to present and train their technology products online on the web. Anyone with an Internet connection can learn and work with the latest technology. MyLiveZone offers companies limitless freedom for their training and marketing activities. How this platform can be used for the Moroccan market is shown in this presentation.

Thomas Zürcher – Founder and CEO MyLiveZone


Thomas Zuercher

Interactive Session between participants onsite, virtual and speakers

Closing remarks & discussion

Kaoutar Najad, – Project coordinator – Competence Center on Automation (CCoA)

HDR-Dr Mohamed TABAA – R&D Director – EMSI Casablanca


Seminar Smart Factory – Transforming Industry together

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