Past Event: Seminar - Automated Robot Welding

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8 JUNE 2021




The CCoA seminar “Automated Robotic Welding” offers an overview of the different welding methods and processes, presents its advantages and disadvantages and provides an insight into the prospects of innovative welding technologies. It is logical to combine the two projects and focus on the possibilities of automated welding. Automated welding systems guarantee consistent quality and high process reliability due to recurring tasks. They allow for efficient production, lower unit costs and fewer reworkings. If there is a shortage of skilled workers, automated systems also offer a real alternative, as the machines can be operated by less skilled personnel.


Target groups

The seminars are aimed at technical specialists and managers from the fields of:
● Automation technology
● Supply chain management
● Production/manufacturing planning
● Quality management
● Persons responsible for the use of automation systems
● Officers responsible for the modernization and redesign of automation solutions


GMT + 1

Greeting and Introduction

Kaoutar Najad, Project Coordinator Competence Center on Automation Morocco

Kaoutar Najad

10:10 – 10:40
GMT + 1

Robotic arc welding

Richard Kayser  – Responsable Technique / Technical Manager , Binzel Soudage  France

Robotic arc welding! Does this make sense in small and medium-sized companies?

Would you like to improve your productivity in the welding shop? Are you receiving more orders, but you can’t accept the order because of a lack of qualified welders? Do you have quality issues? Join CCoA’s Robotic Welding Automation Seminar and get useful information. This seminar will educate you on robotic MIG/MAG arc welding (GMAW) with a focus on small and medium business (SMB) applications. Starting with 4 good reasons and motivation to think about switching from manual to automatic welding with robots, the presentation goes on to explain the typical layout of a standard welding cell. Different robot design features and welding equipment, such as power sources and torch technologies, will be presented for all applications, from thin sheet welding to thick sheet in heavy welding processes. Finally, the presentation ends with several application examples and enough time for questions and answers.

  1. Motivation to use a robot for arc welding

Quality, quantity, cost, lack of welders

  1. Typical layout

Robot, table/tooling, welding generator, protective enclosure, safety equipment

  1. Arc welding components

Robot (TA, OA), welding generator, torch, cleaning station, fume extraction,…

  1. Applications 


10:40 – 10:50
GMT + 1

Q & A

10:50 – 11:20
GMT + 1

Welding fume extraction – challenges and smart solutions for automation

Richard Kayser  – Responsable Technique / Technical Manager , Binzel Soudage  France

Hazardous welding fumes in the production hall can cause permanent damage to health. Occupational safety regulations for industrial production are constantly being tightened in this respect. There are small and large, simple and complex fume extraction solutions on the market for every manual and automated welding application – but which is the individually suitable extraction system and thus a smart investment in the future?  

This seminar provides an overview of the different extraction systems, informs about the most important performance features, shows the most effective method of welding fume extraction and deals with the recommendations of the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. The focus is on solutions for extraction in robot production and, in particular, system solutions for different requirements. Managing directors, production managers, safety officers, occupational health and safety officers as well as welding instructors will gain valuable knowledge about welding fume extraction in this seminar, which will clear up taboos and misinformation and provide support for decisions. 


  1. The dangers of welding fumes: Effect of pollutants, occupational health and safety regulations                                                                                                                                      
  2. Different extraction systems: High and low vacuum systems, equipment of existing systems
  3. System solutions for welding robots: Methods and factory upgrades

11:20 – 11:30
GMT + 1

Q & A

11:30 – 12:00
GMT + 1

Welding with the FANUC cobot CRX

Mr. Tom Coosemans / Technical Robot Specialist FANUC

We present the #CRX Cobot ARC Welding package with its specific CRX welding programming tool and accompanying intuitive user interface that minimizes the programming and integration of the CRX Cobot.

We discuss the simple integration of the robot with the Binzel welding source and how existing FANUC accessories, hardware and software features (weaving, touch sensing, multilayer, weld tracking systems, …) provide greater flexibility and generate productivity. 

Are you curious about the CRX Cobot ARC welding package and the precision and safety of CRX welds?

12:00 – 12:10
GMT + 1

Q & A

Review of the event:

See here the full Automated Robot Welding Seminar from 8th of June 2021 on Vimeo!