Autumn 2021

CCoA workshop with Rittal as guest

Optimise your manufacturing process with the digital twin – visit to the Rittal Innovation Centre in Haiger/Germany

Do you want to know how to make your company’s value-creating processes faster, more cost-effective and more relevant? Let us show you how to work efficiently in the construction of electrical and control systems and experience the potential of the integrated value chain with us. To improve synergies from planning to production, we offer you software solutions, suitable products and machines for automation. The advantages speak for themselves: digitisation and data consistency through systemisation, which reduce assembly and production times.

The aim of the Competence Centre for Automation (CCoA) is to continue to train young people at vocational and university level in the skills required for industrial automation and development. To this end, the CCoA conducts training and development activities at the craft, engineering and management levels, aiming to create new jobs and improve employment opportunities in Moroccan industries through advanced automation and digitalisation technologies. The areas concerned are the automotive sector, agriculture and the food industry.

In the framework of this objective, discussion workshops have been developed, where the CCoA is the guest of German companies that open their doors for this project and give an insight into their automation/production environment.

Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and actively participate in the discussion of this workshop.

Language: French/Participation: Free entry

Please note that the times indicated refer to West European Time. (UTC+1)

<< Further information on webcasts in German can be found here on the Rittal website >>



10:00 UTC +1 


Kaoutar Najad, Project Coordinator Competence Center on Automation Morocco


10:05 UTC + 1

Time to win – Welcome and introduction

Pierre-André Stadler, Electrical and Air Conditioning Product Manager


10:10 UTC + 1

Optimise your processes with the digital twin – presentation and live demonstration at the Rittal Innovation Centre in Haiger/Germany.

Would you like to know how to make your company’s value creation processes faster, cheaper and more accurate? Join Rittal and Eplan on a journey where you will discover efficient working methods in electrical and control system construction and learn how to exploit the potential of the integrated value chain. To improve the interaction between design and production, we rely on software solutions combined with automation technologies and machines. The advantages are obvious: the digitalisation and consistency of data throughout the entire manufacturing process considerably reduces manufacturing and assembly times.


Meet our speakers:

Jan-Henry Schall, Head of Technical Training and Rittal Innovation Centre, Rittal Germany

Michael Kranz, Value Chain Consultant, EPlan Germany


Jens von Kiesling, Head of Business Development and Customer Solutions Rittal Automation Systems, Rittal Germany


Judith Koetsch, Responsible for the
commercial development of the
after-sales service



11:30 UTC + 1

Discussion and Q&A session

12:00 UTC + 1

End of the event



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